Anastasios “Tom” Trispagonas, CLTC

Owner of Trispagonas Insurance
Don’t let the long name startle you. Our resident Greek, “Tom” first established Trispagonas Insurance in September of 2008. Since then, his experience has evolved from offering personal insurance, to commercial insurance, to life insurance, to individual financial planning services, to group retirement plan development and management.

André Whittaker

Sales and Marketing Manager
André first joined Trispagonas Insurance in November of 2015, after spending 14 years with AT&T Wireless. His experience working through challenging situations and knowledge of personal and commercial insurance, as well as life insurance options, have proven to be a valuable resource for our clients.

Irma Marin-Eras

Bilingual Sales and Service Manager
In an era driven by technological advancements that allow you to connect with your agent and manage your insurance policies with a phone call or email, it’s rare for clients to request face-to-face consultations. But for Irma, having clients travel from all parts of Central PA for an opportunity to meet with her in person is a daily norm.

Davinder Sidhu, CPCU

Associate Agent
Davinder joined Trispagonas Insurance as an Associate Agent in April of 2020. Although we’ve been familiar with him and his family much longer than that. For the last several years, we’ve helped manage his and his family’s insurance policies and retirement accounts. We were always fond of him personally as a client and when he approached us about a possible career change – we were thrilled to bring him on! His attention to detail and passion for helping people has been a perfect fit.

Trispagonas Insurance can provide coverage
for residents of Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland

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